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ProfitU™ Drives Substantial Profit Growth In Ways That Conventional Approaches Don’t

ProfitU™ is purpose-built  for companies with $20-$100M in revenue, or larger firms who have several divisions of that size.  

In just 90 minutes per week, a small team of your high potential employees will rapidly transform your bottom line by applying the proven strategies and tools within this innovative online, inhouse, corporate university. With no travel, no downtime, they'll uncover your profits hidden in plain sight, without conventional cost-cutting. Because profit is about behaviors... not bookkeeping.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by strong, positive cash flow realized from Day 1 (so you don't have to "find the budget" for this), and a strong, sustainable ROI.

Sound too good to be true?  Explore the testimonials below to become inspired... then let's get started.

We were losing money when we first met. This year we will achieve $59,000 of profit per employee (and I believe there is upside to that number.) I credit this to the Profit Plan you taught us.

- CEO, Information Technology and Systems Integrator

ProfitU™ for Manufacturing

We took our Customer Profitability Ratio (CPR) from 2:1 to 5:1 within 1 year – a huge boost to profitability. 


We also eliminated almost $4M of rework in approximately 90 days with simple tools that were highly effective.

President, Large Privately Held Custom Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

ProfitU™ for Distribution

Within the first 30 days of working through ProfitU™ we added enough profit to our bottom line to fund the entire program. 


Within 3 months our margins were up 5% and individual sales were up 7-13% year-over-year, enabling us to hit breakeven.  Within the first 6 months, ProfitU™ transformed our business from a loss of $20K/month to profits of $18K/month.


CEO, Family-owned Distributor of Hospitality Supplies and Equipment

ProfitU™ for Services

In less than an afternoon, the Customer Profitability Diamond not only showed us that we were losing money on our biggest customer, but more importantly, how to fix the self-inflicted wound that was causing it!  When we worked with the client to do so, we were immediately rewarded with an additional $300K in new business that we didn’t even know was there. That quickly more than paid for this work.


CEO, Executive Search & HR Technology Development

Unless your Profit per Employee
Exceeds $50K/yr, You're Below Average.
You Need ProfitU™








What, exactly are world-class profits?


While it varies by industry and over time, a good rule of thumb is that “average” is about $50K of profit per employee, and world class is anything above $250K.  Where does your company rank?  Find out, then set a new target and get there with ProfitU™.








What’s the fastest way to improve Profit per Employee?  The “slash and burn” proponents believe it is to drastically reduce head count and cut costs across the board.  That is NOT what ProfitU™ is about.  In fact, the slash and burn approach does more harm than good. 


Instead, ProfitU™ is all about enabling employees to create value that customers are willing to pay for, by simply shifting the small everyday behaviors that create or destroy profitability.  It is not about downsizing employees or firing customers, it is about creating more profitable employees & customers.


As each testimonial illustrates, you’ll see significant top and bottom line results in your first year of implementing ProfitU™.  And as good habits are reinforced and become simply part of the way you do business, world class profits will rapidly follow. 

When you asked us to plot our “Return on People” our profit was ($9,995) per employee.  While our management knew we were in a loss position, seeing ourselves “at the bottom of the class” was very impactful. We have just achieved $31,000 of profit per employee – the highest profitability level in the company’s history.

CFO, Major North American Roofing Manufacturer

How ProfitU™ Impacts the

Core Drivers of Sustainable Success

ProfitU Site.png

ProfitU™ leads your high-potential employees (from front line to the C-suite) through a weekly software-driven curriculum somewhat like an online Executive MBA program but with some very important differences. 


Instead of academic theory on Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economics etc., your team will learn actionable, practical strategies and tactics that use your data and are applied to your products, services and customers to achieve your goals.


Specifically, they'll improve the core profit-drivers for your business: Customer Loyalty, Revenue & Margin Growth, Operational Excellence, Pricing for Value and Innovation, supported by accountability tools to ensure the work gets done, plus compelling at-a-glance scoreboards to track and celebrate progress. 



How ProfitU™ Delivers

Take it to the Bank Results

We were losing money, and our primary goal for ProfitU™ during COVID19 was simply to improve our bottom line so that we would not have to let anyone go.  Not only did we easily achieve that, but we also saw bottom line results within 6 months that enabled us to start funding the Company Retirement Matching Plan for the first time in 3 years AND fund a new paint booth.

CEO, Family-owned aircraft service and

leasing firm



How ProfitU™ Builds

Customer Retention &
New Business

As a newly-hired Sales Manager, I thought I would have to create the systems and sales rep accountabilities myself. 

I have never seen anything like the OCEANS Plan for focusing sales reps on hidden business opportunities that add value to customers.  You made my life unbelievably easy. 

Sales Manager, Privately Held Distribution Company



How ProfitU™ Creates

Engaged Employees

We knew that re-work was killing our bottom line and driving customers away. Our biggest wake up call came from an exercise where we finally realized how many hidden costs and problems were completely outside of the manufacturing process. Stripping out those costs in Semester 2 had a huge impact on our bottom line and helped us retain our clients.

President, Family-owned Concrete Ready-Mix and Products



How ProfitU™ Uncovers



I was provided with specific tools that increased my bottom line by at least 38% immediately, and with discipline, even more.


Supplier of Decorative Wood Products & Services


How ProfitU™ Discovers

 Sustainable Competitive Advantage

ProfitU™ showed us some easy steps to improve the value we provide to our clients, in ways that will be  extremely difficult for our competitors to copy. The best part is that we can build that competitive advantage without increasing overhead: an infinite ROI.

CEO Refrigeration, Compression &

Process Solutions

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