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The Quickstart:
EBITDA Bootcamp

In the first 30 days, this component of ProfitU™ is provided with no upfront fee. While results in this area is largely driven by the Accounting Team, all employees quickly engage with seeing profits grow when the powerful scoreboards are deployed.


By the end of the first 30 days, this Quickstart boost to cash flow means that ProfitU™ customers realize a positive return on investment, enough to cover the costs of at least all of Semester 1, and often the entire first year of ProfitU™. This just from profit that is hidden in plain sight in their business.  There is NO draconian cost-cutting… just proven, yet creative strategies that eliminate costs that shouldn’t even BE in your business, and deliver immediate improvements to your bottom line.


While conceptually straightforward and very intuitive once you understand them, the specific structures to crystallize your profit gains create the discipline to “pay your bottom line first”. This is absolutely transformative for your business and team on a go-forward basis.  


You will continue to hone and apply these techniques for improved results throughout the year.

Simple steps and minor changes made a big difference to our bottom line.

CEO, Property Management Company

I don’t worry about profitability anymore.  I have 100 people who pay attention to it every day.

CEO, Specialty Commercial Printing

ProfitU™ showed me the holy grail of increasing our profits in a systematic, proven way. 

President, Hydraulic Adapters and Fluid Power Products

Within the first 30 days of working through ProfitU™ we added enough profit to our bottom line to fund the entire program.  Within 3 months our margins were up 5% and individual sales were up 7-13% year-over-year, enabling us to hit breakeven.  Within the first 6 months, ProfitU™ transformed our business from a loss of $20K/month to profits of $18K/month.

CEO, Family-owned Distributor of Hospitality Supplies and Equipment

We were losing money, and our primary goal for ProfitU™ during COVID19 was simply to improve our bottom line so that we would not have to let anyone go.  Not only did we easily achieve that, but we also saw bottom line results within 6 months that enabled us to start funding the Company Retirement Matching Plan for the first time in 3 years AND fund a new paint booth.

CEO, Family-owned Aircraft Service and Leasing Firm

ProfitU™ illustrates the specific steps and tools proven to be successful in transforming business performance in a big way.  You and your team need to do the work but if you have time to do email, you can do this.

President, Online Marketing Software Solutions

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