Frequently Asked Questions

What IS ProfitU™?

ProfitU™ is proprietary enterprise software solution structured as a “corporate university”, and delivered online via a “software as a service (SaaS)” model. ProfitU™ significantly and rapidly increases your company’s profitability by replacing the everyday behaviors and business practices that drain profits with those that drive profits.

ProfitU™ creates a culture of engaged employees empowered to deliver world-class profits in a safe, sustainable way. It is powerful because it is NOT an accounting-driven program. Even front-line workers can immediately grasp the significance of what they’re learning and immediately apply it to their scope of work (and beyond) to see rapid, real results.

How does ProfitU™ Work?

Week by week, a small cross-functional team in your company will be guided by our software solution to drill down into your business. You will identify profit leaks and opportunities, find new business opportunities, identify issues that need to be resolved, implement pricing for value, generate low-risk, low cost innovation insights, and more. Then you will be provided with an accountability process and tools to take action and achieve positive and visible results.

Scoreboards are used to track profit gains, which are automatically redirected into specifically-defined bank accounts, so that the profits may be deployed in a more strategic way.

While you'll experience positive spillover impact beyond your initial team and beyond your targeted customer set as behaviors change for the better, over time you will engage more of your people and more of your customers until you build a corporate culture where taking small actions every day to safely and sustainably drive profit growth, is the way you do business.

How do we start?

Easy, all you need to do is commit to the Learn/Do process:

  • During a LEARN week, your team starts by reviewing a short introductory video plus supporting illustrations, video trainings, discussions, workshops and worksheets which will disrupt the “we’ve always done it this way” thinking. The resulting “AHA! Moments” quickly shift mindsets and will not be unlearned.
  • During a DO week, your internal ProfitU™ team applies what they’ve learned to your business in a “hands-on-making-it-happen” way. This quickly shifts everyday behaviors and practices in powerful ways that weren’t obvious… until they were revealed and the learning lightbulb went on.

What do we get from this time commitment?

You create a weekly playbook of small “To Dos” that are unique to your business and that steadily “move the ball down the field”. The gamification component ensures that every week the team celebrates “yards gained” (small wins), and “touchdowns” (big wins) to make it fun and keep motivation and engagement high. ProfitU™ helps identify your high-potential employees and enables them to step up as future leaders. You get a high-performing team delivering take-it-to-the-bank-results.

We’ve already tried everything – from cost-cutting to growing sales.  How is this different?

  • Trying to grow sales at all costs can generate a top-line boost, but there’s a negative magnifier effect for every discount you authorize that destroys profitability. Conventional sales training can help, but doesn’t address the root cause of the issue, which extends well beyond the sales team. It's the small everyday behaviors of everyone in the company that either create or destroy customer value. ProfitU™ provides a step-by-step process that is very different from sales training because the entire team learns how to spot opportunities to increase customer value, in a very visual way. That generates a positive magnifier effect on your bottom line.
  • Trying to slash costs across the board typically cuts the good costs along with the bad and is not sustainable, as those costs will creep back in over time. It becomes a vicious and exhausting cycle. ProfitU™ helps employees learn multiple simple and straightforward ways to eliminate the hidden costs that shouldn’t even BE in your business. When the process becomes part of your culture, good decision making regarding essential and non-essential costs becomes second nature, and thus is sustainable.

Who can benefit from ProfitU™?

Companies like yours, with revenues from less than $20M to more than $100M in the manufacturing, distribution, and services sectors have seen significant impact within weeks of comitting to ProfitU™. These are companies who have a base of repeat customers and who want to embed a culture of sustainable profitability. They have realized rapid results in improved customer loyalty, operations excellence, margin increases and innovation, all of which have delivered increased profitability. All by using ProfitU™. Because it's about behaviors, not bookkeeping. Please see the Case Studies for detailed examples and tangible financial results.

Who do we need to put on our ProfitU™ team?

You will be guided to create a cross-functional team of high-potential players from all levels of the organization, from the C-suite down to the front lines, from sales, to operations and every department in between.

How much time and effort will it take away from our business?

ProfitU™ does not “take away” time and effort from your business. Every week, it focuses 90 minutes of employee time and effort on applying profit strategies to everyday behavior that directly benefit your bottom line. That’s less time than many of your people are spending on email every day, and less than many of them are likely spending in routine weekly meetings... which rarely drive change or profitability.

While ProfitU™ requires consistent commitment and effort it is very doable, it delivers tangible results, and it pays for itself immediately.

There’s no travel or downtime sitting in a conventional course or classroom learning theory. ProfitU™ is always online and available at your convenience to deliver applied learning directly to your business.

How tech-savvy do we have to be?

You may have found it difficult if not impossible to implement enterprise software in the past. Relax. If your team members can surf the web, they can easily use the ProfitU™ software solution which keeps track of where they’ve been, and what they’ve completed, and makes it easy to review bite-size chunks of content whenever they need a refresher. Unlike many “online courses”, there’s no sitting through an hour or more of droning talking-head lecturing, trying to identify to a nugget of valuable information.

ProfitU™ tracks analytics and scoreboards using easy visual tools, to make sure your entire team and your entire company has good visibility into how the program is delivering on its promises.

What does ProfitU™ cost?

You will not pay anything for the first 30 Days while you complete the EBITDA Bootcamp, which in most cases delivers enough ROI to recover at least the fee for the first semester of this corporate university, and often much more. The Bootcamp continues throughout ProfitU™, continuing to increase cash flow, which in turn means that ProfitU™ pays for itself, with plenty left over to add to your bottom line. Done right, ProfitU™ is cash-flow positive to your business from Day 1.

Thereafter, a monthly subscription fee based on value-based pricing is established (something you’ll learn in ProfitU™). The Annual Fee is based on 1% of your most recent fiscal year-end revenues prior to commencing ProfitU™ divided by 12 to create convenient monthly payments. Although your revenues and margins will without question increase significantly more than 1%, this initial rate is locked in and will not increase as long as you renew your subscription annually.

For example, if you are currently a $20M company, your monthly subscription fee will be just over $16K for the ProfitU™ solution, which will deliver a strong ROI while developing 10-15 high potential employees over the course of the year, who will learn to make profitable, customer-focused decisions every day.

As illustrated by the many testimonials throughout these pages, ProfitU™ has not only covered its costs from Day 1, but has delivered a seven figure returns on a six figure investment within in the first year.

What kind of support is offered?

ProfitU™ is not a training event or a consulting engagement, it is a user-directed online course. However, as with any enterprise software solution, it comes with access to experts to ensure that you can implement fully and effectively and see positive results. There is a help button included on every page for quick questions, plus easy access to higher level personal support from a subject-matter expert included with your subscription.

Is ProfitU™ an ongoing subscription model?

Yes. As with any corporate university, this is not a “one and done” deal – your key to sustained success is continuing to use the built-in accountability tools and actively-managed scoreboards to build a culture of continuous improvement and high performance.

Over time, you will engage more and more of your employees, and drill down into more and more of your customers. All employees will adopt and embed the behaviors and practices until they simply become part of your culture and the way that you do business. As with anything that impacts culture, repetition and practice are key factors in success.

What if I want to end my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time and for any reason after six months. The intial six-month kick-off period provides a fair trial period for you, and also covers the set-up and installation fees incurred for the no-upfront-payment-required EBITDA Bootcamp.

How do I get access ProfitU™?

Contact us to get the process started. Upon verifying that this is a good fit for you, you’ll be provided with login information for the 30-Day EBITDA Bootcamp, and our Support Team will help you set up your team for the Kickoff and Semester 1.

Click here to review the curriculum.

We knew that re-work was killing our bottom line and driving customers away. Our biggest wake up call was working through an eye-opening exercise and finally realizing how many hidden costs and problems were completely outside of the manufacturing process. Stripping out those costs in Semester 2 had a huge impact on our bottom line and helped us retain our clients.

President, Family-owned Concrete Ready-Mix and Products