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Semester 1:


Powerful Insights for Customer Loyalty and Profitability that Grow Revenue and Margin

​You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. But when you make the horse thirsty, or make the water sweeter, the horse will drink its fill! Here's how ProfitU™ helps your "horses" stay engaged and want more.

  • Make your employees thirsty when you calculate your current “Return on People” vs what it should be according to industry standards – an AHA! moment that ignites your team’s competitive instincts to be the best, and gives them a tangible winning score to achieve.

  • Make the water sweeter when your team creates your “OCEANS of Opportunity” Scorecard, a simple yet powerful visual analytic and roadmap that empowers each employee to take everyday actions that rapidly and significantly improve revenue, margin and profit, and tracks results to keep motivation and commitment high.

  • Do both when you implement Value Creation Conversations (“VCCs”) with Key Customers to provide the market input far beyond what conventional surveys can ever deliver. What you learn will drive key strategic and tactical outcomes throughout ProfitU™. Executives will find themselves reinvigorated about their business as they realize that all the fun is on the OTHER side of their desk, actively engaged with their employees and customers.

  • Learn and apply 20 powerful and profitable strategies when you focus on the first three of the “5Rs” of Proactive Customer Profitability Management to improve revenues and profits.

  • And more…

We took our Customer Profitability Ratio (CPR) from 2:1 to 5:1 within 1 year – a huge boost to profitability

President, Large Privately Held Custom Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

As a newly-hired Sales Manager, I thought I would have to create the systems and sales rep accountabilities myself.  I have never seen anything like the OCEANS Plan for focusing sales reps on closing hidden business opportunities.  You made my life unbelievably easy. 

Sales Manager, Privately Held Distribution Company

Everything in ProfitU™ is packed with insights and ideas for implementation right now.  It challenged and inspired us, and helped us build a very practical plan that truly catapulted our profits.

CEO, Health Services

In less than an afternoon, the Customer Profitability Diamond not only showed us that we were losing money on our biggest customer, but more importantly, how to fix the self-inflicted wound that was causing it!  When we worked with the client to do so, we were immediately rewarded with an additional $300K in new business that we didn’t even know was there. That quickly more than paid for this work.

CEO, Executive Search & HR Technology Development

I would absolutely recommend ProfitU™ to any organization needing to truly discover and understand how customers' view them and uncover the real value proposition that will make existing and new customers want to keep coming back. It delivered exceptional value for us, which led to several real "AHA" breakthroughs that we had been searching for, and left the organization with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to keep it at the forefront of its industry.

Director, Manufacturing Industry Association

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