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Semester 2:

Operational Excellence That Eliminates Cost and Customer Friction That Shouldn’t Even BE in Your Business

​Don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ERP systems or Lean Consulting until you get rid of the 20% of the issues in your business which are driving 80% of the unnecessary costs that are destroying your profits. The surprisingly simple yet powerful strategies you’ll learn in Semester 2 will surprise you.

  • Develop the “Obliterate Sludge Matrix” based on the Value Creation Conversation feedback from Semester 1, and prioritize rapid results opportunities.

  • Implement a surprisingly powerful 5-step process to resolve costly issues for good and send all those savings right to the bottom line.

  • Apply powerful strategies when you focus on the final two "5Rs" of Proactive Customer Profitability Management that you began in Semester 1, to easily drive good-margin new business that improves revenues and profits.

We knew that re-work was killing our bottom line and driving customers away. Our biggest wake-up call was working through the Staple Yourself to the Experience exercise and finally realizing how many hidden costs and problems were completely outside of the manufacturing process. Stripping out those costs in Semester 2 had a huge impact on our bottom line and helped us retain our clients.

President, Family-owned Concrete Ready-Mix and Products

When you asked us to plot our “Return on People” our profit was ($9,995) per employee.  While our management knew we were in a loss position, seeing ourselves “at the bottom of the class” was very impactful. We have just achieved $31,000 of profit per employee – the highest profitability level in the company’s history.

CFO, Major North American Roofing Manufacturer

ProfitU™ challenges business leaders to attack the myths which prevent businesses from reaching their full profit potential and provides thoughtful guidance on how to deliver outstanding results.  This is not flavor of the month.  It’s practical, relevant, and timeless.

COO, Leading Property Development and Management Firm

We were losing money when we first met.  This year we will achieve $59,000 of profit per employee (and I believe there is upside to that number.)  I credit this to the Profit Plan you taught us.

CEO, Information Technology and Systems Integrator

Every step is filled with thought-provoking ideas or insights.

CEO, Executive Search & HR Technology Development

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