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Semester 3:

Price for Value

Why simply “raise prices” in ways that may cause your customers to start looking for competitive bids, when you can safely and subtly improve your pricing practices in ways that add value to your customers and will be welcomed by them? 

There are over 21 pricing strategies in ProfitU™ that enable you to rigorously evaluate your current practices, discover new opportunities, and gently implement “Price for Value Strategies” that your customers will appreciate and that are hard for competitors to copy.


Margins will increase safely and sustainably, and drop right to your bottom line. Getting this element right delivers a powerful multiplier effect that can easily deliver rapid double-digit profit growth.

I was provided with specific tools that increased my bottom line by at least 38% immediately, and with discipline, even more.

 President, Decorative Wood Products & Services

Just when you think there’s nothing else you can do to improve your bottom line, ProfitU™ will enlighten you to practical, achievable new possibilities. 

President, Flow Measurement Controls

I found it quite amazing how straightforward the ProfitU™ approach was to increasing profitability in a few easy steps.

CEO, Telecommunications Provider

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