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Semester 4:

Differentiate With 8 Low Cost, Low Risk Paths to Value-Add Innovation

Innovation is the wildcard for profitable growth and is critical for enduring success in competitive markets. However, many companies have no plan to consistently identify and develop value-add innovations. They may try new, weird, and wonderful ideas, but 80% of those will fail, leaving the company with a large investment but no return. 

You’ll apply the unique and proprietary Innovation Matrix strategies to move existing and new products or services into the sweet spots for profitable success, while avoiding the zones of failure. In doing so, you’ll increase customer loyalty, differentiation and margins. 

In the optio
nal-but recommended Year 2 of ProfitU™, you’ll explore a
n additional 13 paths to low risk, low cost, profitable innovation and learhow to vet them for transformational success.

ProfitU™ showed us some easy steps to improve the value we provide to our clients, in ways that will be  extremely difficult for our competitors to copy. The best part is that we can build that competitive advantage without increasing overhead: an infinite ROI.

CEO, Refrigeration, Compression &

Process Solutions

Our Team has not been able to stop talking about the new innovation opportunities they spotted in this week’s lesson..  Simple – easy – effective, it has them thinking differently!  And the memory trick to keep spotting even more opportunities – truly powerful!

Chief Business Development Officer,

Heat-treated and Forged Metal Components

This should be a priority for every business. ProfitU™ quickly shows several surprising ways to increase profits in a way that didn’t seem possible before. 

President, Welding Equipment and Supplies Company

I recommend anyone who is looking for new and creative ways to develop and market products or services to do this work.

Global Service Sales and Channels Manager,

American Multinational Technology Conglomerate

I’ve looked to manufacturing to increase profits.  ProfitU™ came at the issue from another angle, and delivered results.   

Founder & CEO, Leading Manufacturer of Highway Semi-trailers

Terrific “outside the box” ideas focused us on using existing resources to super-charge our profits.

Principal, Private Wealth Management Services

Brilliant content that really hit the mark.  When my outliers get engaged, that speaks buckets!

President, Engineering and Consulting Services Firm

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